Why SendWhizz? Send Emails. Grow Business.

Building a business drains a lot of time. You need to make personalized emails, automate, do customer segregation, analyze and test. SendWhizz does the technical work for you with its powerful AI platform and makes your journey better. Our goal is to provide you with the best solution to engage your customers and boost sales.


Email Builder

Create responsive emails that look great. Email Builder Pro's massive library of templates is on-point for your business.


Visual Automation

We’ve slashed the learning curve with a powerful visual builder for marketing automation.


Smart Segmentation

Quickly tag your leads using SendWhizz Categories. Create highly efficient segments that you can send messages to.



Get analytics for every email you have ever sent or received in one place. See your email metrics and inbox analysis.

Email Builder

Set up Emails to Reach More People.

You can build emails with the free Email Builder Pro. It has built-in personalized templates, mobile-optimized designs, and more. Drag and drop to customize your template faster. Hit send and track your performance with robust analytics. NO Coding knowledge is required.

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Visual Email Automation

Plan out Customer's Emails Step by Step.

Use a powerful automation tool to map out every process in detail. You get to create automation from simple to advanced. A personalized journey plan increases your success rate and makes it relevant for your customers. It gives you sound marketing. And it is very easy-to-learn and setup.

Smart Customer Segmentation

Divide Your List into Categories

Categories get messed up but not in SendWhizz. You get efficient tagging to help improve your automation and marketing. Now you can communicate your specific message to a unique group of customers. It boosts your campaign performance with great significance.


Robust Analytics and Reports to Boost Success

Track your email and get visual analytics and engagement analytics to improve your email on the go. The best part? Our users have seen an increase in their open rate and clicks while reducing spam and opt-outs. Improve as per your report and increase your CTR.

We are here to help you 24x7

From setting up your account to building a list, we got you covered. We are helping you throughout this process. No matter the problem and time, our highly trained award-winning support team is there to help you. There are resources that you can check out to learn more about the best use of each tool.

Use triggers to set up an automation that sends personalized and relevant emails at the right time.

Send emails based on customer's behaviors, interests, preferences, and occasions like birthdays.

Unleash the power of email marketing by integrating with most applications around the world.

Effective email marketing to build a list, grasp your customers, and grow your business.

What Next?

You can migrate very easily and get your email marketing dashboard up in no time. SendWhizz is recommended by the world's top Industry Leaders.